So last night I was attacked!

By an evil bug!

I was standing in my room putting some stuff away, and I felt something wet under my foot.  I lift my foot and I see a big, evil centipede thingy!  It was like 4 inches long!

I scared the crap out of Ms.Firecracker when I screamed and jumped on her bed.

I then grabbed my shoe and tried to kill the evil thing.

It would not die!

It took forever to kill the evil thing!

But, I finally killed it 😀

And sent it to its watery grave. I flushed it down the toilet!

In case anyone here has not noticed, I HATE  bugs. Bleh lol

So there is my amazing attack story!

~Lyz ❤


I’m back!

Hey everybody! So I was out for a while. It took TWO weeks for our internet to be setup.

But yay! Our internet is now up!

So we are all moved into our new house, and I am loving it 🙂

We also went on our fall camping trip this past weekend.  Which was a ton of fun.

I am already looking foward to our spring camping trip.

I’ll tell you more about that later!


~Lyz ❤

Supermom to the rescue

Yesterday Mom and I where going grocery shopping. We shop at Costco. In case you don’t know, to be able to shop in Costco, you have to be a member and show your membership card when you come in the door, or they won’t let you in.

The girl who was standing by the door to make sure only members came in, I’d guess her to be about 19 or 20,  didn’t look to good.

She was kind swaying on her feet, and would bend over like she was trying to catch her breath. Mom went up to her and asked her, Are you alright?

The girl kept insisting that she was fine.

Mom called her  liar. She was not ok.

Mom went over by her and grabbed her arm to help her stand. Then her eyes kinda rolled back and went out of focus.

One of the dudes who brings the shopping carts back up came up and grabbed her other arm. About that time, the girl passed out. Mom and the dude dragged her over so she could sit down.

About this time she started to come to.  I had gotten one of the other workers and she called for help.  Then, up came another dude, and he pulled out a small flashlight and checked her eyes and tongue. Her eyes did not respond and her tongue was gray.

The man, (who turned out to be a doctor!) started to ask her questions.

Did she take any medication?

Was she diabetic?

Had she eaten lately?

Did she have anything to drink today?

She said that no, she was not diabetic and had taken no medication.  She had just had a yogurt and had stuff to drink.

She also said that her grandmother had died the previous day. So she was under a lot of stress.

A ambulance and her mom were called.

Mom and I were told that it was all under control. So mom and I did our grocery, but made sure that the people knew that if they needed mom for any reason, she was going to be inside and all they had to do was find her.


My mom is a hero 🙂

~Lyz ❤

So, the other day I was bored. Can you guess what I did? 😀


Hey! I just met you…


And this is crazy…


But here’s my number,


So call me maybe!


Now, I normally don’t listen to these kind of songs ( I prefer christian, christian country, some country) but I’ve heard my friends sing this song multiple times, and I thought that it might be kinda fun to try that one part out.

And it really was kinda fun, so I’m going to try a couple of other songs, so stay tuned! 😉

~Lyz ❤

Hairstyle adventures

Today, my little sister,Ms.Firecracker,decided she wanted to do my hair.

The results?


Haha incase you can’t tell, i have braided bun pigtail things, and then in the back I have another one.

Ms.Firecracker insists that I need to wear this out in public.

My response?



~Lyz ❤