My very crazy family

Like I said earlier, I am the oldest of 8.  My family is:

Big Dude- He is 13. He is very creative and loves anything outdoors.  Fishing, hunting, gardening, climbing trees, riding bikes, camping, exploring…yep! It’s all him!

Ms.Firecracker- She is 11 and a leval 8 gymnast.  She is so good at gymnastics.  Som of the stuff she does is absoulty amazing! If I tried to do anything she does, I would kill myself!! 🙂

Lovebug- Lovebug is 9 years old and very creative. She loves to sew, make cool crafts, and loves to play with her petshops. 🙂

Big O- At 7 years, she loves to hang with her older siblings. She is also very creative and loves to give her creations to people.  she is a lot like me, extremely crazy! 🙂

Susu- She is 5 years old. And she is very independant! Don’t you dare try to help her unless you are asked!

Giggle Monster- 3 and adorable! She has the curliest dirty blonde hair. She is cute as a button and knows it!!

Little Dude- Almost 18 monthes. He is learning to walk and is at that perfect height where he can get into everything!

Dad- My dad is a commercial electriction. He is can make just about anything you ask him to!  Mom likes to say he can do everything but water ski 😉

Mom- My mom is a stay at home mom. Ontop of teaching and taking care of all of us, she loves to garden and write. She is a great cook and will come up withb some nifty dishes! 🙂

And there is just a little about my family. We are all very crazy and love it!

~Lyz ❤


Inventing Fun

Big Dude was playing with the gears and invented some sort of a crane.

He was very proud of himself  for his invention. 🙂

Big Dude was very upset when he had to take it apart to put the gears away.  But he has decided he and dad will make another one out of wood and stuff.


With his invention he could pick up stuff with the hook and move it up and down, and side to side.

Big Dude has decided to use his invention to catfish.

We’ll see how it turns out! 😉


Lyz ❤