You Capture-Feet

This weeks You Capture assignment was feet.

My pretty shoes 🙂

Mine and my cousins pretty feet 🙂

And that would be all that i have for this week.


~Lyz ❤


You Capture-Blue

This weeks You Capture assignment was something blue.


This picture was taken at work using blue paper clips.

Haha  🙂


And that is all the pictures I have for this week of You Capture.


~Lyz ❤


Have you just layed out on the grass and looked at the stars?

It’s always so peaceful and beatiful.

I love to just lay on my back and stare at the billions and billions of stars way up there.

Always so bright and shining.

Or when you can’t see the moon or stars for the clouds.

Thats always seemed so……… mysterious to me.

When the moon is full but half hidden by the clouds.

Just thin wispy, gray clouds.

Slowly moving by.

Or when the moon is bright and there is not a single cloud to block out the moons enchanting light.

When you don’t need any form of light, just the light of the moon.

And you feel the soft grass under your toes and nobody is around.

Those moments are always so enchanting to me.

Or have you stood out in the middle of the grass and spun around?

You look up and see the billions of stars and the moon spinning in a circle.

Then lay down quickly and look up at the sky.

See the stars continue to spin around and around.

An amazing sight.

When you stand out in the moonlight with none around,

You get this feeling that your the only one out there in the world.

You can forget you troubles.

You can forget your woes.

And just stand there and feel the love of Jesus sorrround.

It really is an  amazing feeling.

To feel loved and cherished.

And have the light of the moon wash over you.