Qualities of a Biblical Spouse

So lately in our bible study we have been talking about what qualities you look for in a spouse. I had the assignment of writing 20 qualities of a future spouse, and I had to provide a biblical reference for each one.  I got all of my qualities from the book Proverbs. So here is what I came up with.

  1. A wise husband is kind and compassionate (12:10)
  2. A wise husband is honest (29:24)
  3. A wise husband is hard-working (12:11; 27:23-27)
  4. A wise husband is truthful (12:17,19)
  5. A wise husband exercises self-control (12:15; 16:32)
  6. A wise husband has a gentle tongue (12:18; 15:1-2,4)
  7. A wise husband is generous (14:21; 28:27)
  8. A wise husband is a man of integrity (19:1; 20:7)
  9. A wise husband is faithful and reliable (17:17; 29:3)
  10. A wise husband is forgiving (19:11)
  11. A wise husband is willing to admit he is wrong (28:13)
  12. A wise husband is humble (15:25,33; 16:18-19; 18:12; 29:23)
  13. A wise husband is not contentious, but a peacemaker (17:1; 18:1,19)
  14. A wise husband has control of his temper (14:29; 16:32; 17:27; 29:11)
  15. A wise husband is a man who avoids excesses (20:1; 23:20-21, 29-35; 31:3-9)
  16. A wise husband has a concern for others, especially the poor and the oppressed (29:7)
  17. A wise husband can keep a confidence (17:9; 26:20)
  18. A wise husband fears God and is obedient to His Word (13:13; 14:26; 16:20; 28:25; 31:30)
  19. A wise husband is not a jealous man (27:4)
  20. A The wise husband has a positive outlook on life (15:15; 17:22; 18:14)


So there it is! What do you guys think?(:




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