Prom Adventure

So I had prom!

My brother and cousin both came along!

Iphone Pics 005


And here we are!

Iphone Pics 003


Iphone Pics 004


Here was my outfit! You like it? 🙂

Iphone Pics 016


This was at the Prom.

We had a awesome time, danced all night and made new friends!

I can’t wait until the next prom. (Which just might be this fall!)





Hello everyone! So I have not been active in my blog for a little while! I have been super busy with my school work (I graduate May 2014 so I have a lot of work to do).
Iphone Pics 036

I have been babysitting my neighbor’s son. 🙂
I also had prom, and some beauty pageants! 🙂
So yeah, I have been busy!

But I am going to try to write more often!

~Lyz ❤