So last night I was attacked!

By an evil bug!

I was standing in my room putting some stuff away, and I felt something wet under my foot.  I lift my foot and I see a big, evil centipede thingy!  It was like 4 inches long!

I scared the crap out of Ms.Firecracker when I screamed and jumped on her bed.

I then grabbed my shoe and tried to kill the evil thing.

It would not die!

It took forever to kill the evil thing!

But, I finally killed it 😀

And sent it to its watery grave. I flushed it down the toilet!

In case anyone here has not noticed, I HATE  bugs. Bleh lol

So there is my amazing attack story!

~Lyz ❤


I’m back!

Hey everybody! So I was out for a while. It took TWO weeks for our internet to be setup.

But yay! Our internet is now up!

So we are all moved into our new house, and I am loving it 🙂

We also went on our fall camping trip this past weekend.  Which was a ton of fun.

I am already looking foward to our spring camping trip.

I’ll tell you more about that later!


~Lyz ❤